TRIPAVE associates and consultants is a registered consultancy firm dedicated to working with the communities and other organizations to overcome poverty, social injustices and to empower them for increased participation in activities that will improve their livelihood. We work with local, national and international partners across the world. We are based in Kisumu City in the western region of Kenya. TRIPAVE was registered as a Consultancy firm under the Co-ordination Act of Kenya with the registration number BN/2013/224446.

TRIPAVE targets urban communities, youths, women, governments, minorities’ indigenous people, persons with disabilities, institutions of learning, community based organizations, non-governmental organizations, faith based organizations and media organizations. TRIPAVE has three levels of Human Resource Base; the Board of Directors made up of four members who are the policy making organ of the organization; the Associates and Consultants with expertise in different fields and experience in participatory methodologies. They are called upon from time to time to undertake consultancy assignments. The third level is the staff made up of 6 members who implement day-to-day activities of the firm. The staffs are guided by the Management Team made up of Heads of Departments.

TRIPAVE has worked for Design Master Plan Ltd, Batch Associates Ltd, Rural Livelihood Improvement International, Women Property Rights Organization of Kenya, international women research center Moshi Tanzania, (SPAIDE) Sustainable Participatory Interventions for Development Arusha Tanzania and WAPCOS Consultants India.

To incorporate high level sustainability in the areas of social studies, socio-economics, project analysis, evaluation, agriculture, environment and engineering through instructional consultancy

To offer clients top quality services in the areas of our specialty using modern cutting edge scientific technology.

TRIPAVE associates was incorporated in 2012 as a consultancy firm in the areas of Environment, Baseline Surveys, Capacity building, Social Studies, Socio-economics, Planning, Agriculture, Economics, Project Monitoring and Evaluation. The firm is dedicated to building relationships based on mutual trust in order to bring the best services possible to the clients.