This is the second level of human resource who are engaged from time to time when the organization is called upon to undertake consultancy assignments. The Associate Consultants also have over 5 years expertise in participatory methodologies.

Gender specialist

offering qualifications specifically for Gender Mainstreaming, including gender aspects in normal training seminars as well as in sensibilization events for GM, structuring training courses in such a way, from a didactic point of view as well as from the point of view of time and place that, for example, no compatibility problems arise, the speakers possessing gender competence and clear paying attention to and emphasising of gender aspects in the respective topic


A sociologist studies humanity on various levels, putting a strong emphasis on political systems and how human beings respond to change. He or she also explores race, ethnicity and sex and what role these play in political systems. Through quantitative, qualitative and comparative research, sociologists gather data.

Public health

Advocate for patients and clients Plan rehabilitation care Coordinate patients' discharge from health care facility Respond to environmental disasters or other crisis situations Collect and analyze data Plan and conduct public health studies Provide individual or group counseling Refer patients or clients to assistance programs

Water & sanitation

Water sanitation is defined as the process of cleaning and purifying water so it is safe for use. An example of water sanitation is a filter that removes impurities from water.